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Our Story


All enquiries 01895 639912 or 07885 205105

Hi and welcome to Brightons oldest and best boot fair.  We have been established in the Brighton area for thirty years and think we know how to be the best. We have a huge range of sellers and buyers and they come from all over the world to visit buy and sell. You will find everything from valuable antiques through clothes and tools to furniture and everything else you could hope to find.


The views are stunning from our top floor location and there are many other areas of entertainment in the marina and in nearby brighton so don't expect to just do some shopping. There is so much more.


As a final bonus you won't go hungry or thirsty with our catering van. We have free entrance to buyers and have free car parking.


OPENING HOURS - 6am till 2pm.


Bays £12 each payable on entry with cars and vans welcome.


All dealers welcome and please give us a call if you have any specific needs.


Free customer parking and admission.


Attended toilets.


Disabled parking level 9 west.


If it's good enough to bring it's good enough to take home - please don't leave rubbish.

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